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stYpe tracking powers Daytona 500 AR graphics on Fox Sports

Do you love the smell of gasoline in the morning?

Fox sports relied on Stype camera tracking for live outside broadcast of the Daytona 500 race which was held on 02/21/2016. This is the second time that Fox used Stype tracking to cover the race.

Huge AR graphics were placed near the race track and rendered with Vizrt’s Viz virtual studio.

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Best projects made with the Stype kit from 2014 and 2015

Watch this overview of some of the best projects made with the Stype kit camera tracking system by broadcasters such as the BBC and BBC Sport, Fox Sports USA and Australia, MTV, Sky Sports and many others.

To all our clients and partners, thank you for an outstanding year and let's make the year 2016, even more successful!

Election night on NovaTV delivered with immersive 3D graphics and Stype

3D broadcasting graphics by Stype and Vizrt

Croatian commercial broadcaster Nova TV has used augmented reality graphics during its live coverage of the Croatian parliamentary election 2015.

After an excellent cooperation with Stype and Vizrt on Croatian presidential election earlier this year, Nova Tv again used 3D graphics in presenting election results and possible outcomes.

Stellar Virtual Graphics made with a 30-foot camera crane!

Stype kit and Vizrt utilised for complementing a special evening

Fox Sports Australia continues to be a leader in innovation with real time virtual graphics. For the Dally M Awards event, Fox Sports used a 30 foot camera crane, the Stype kit and Vizrt virtual studio for a stunning effect.

Case Study: Fox Sports brings 30 days of virtuals to women’s soccer fans

FIFA Women's World Cup 2015

Fans of FIFA Women's World Cup had a chance to enjoy the exciting duels during June 6th - July 5th, 2015. The exceptionally long period for live broadcast was not something Fox Sports took lightly. The special studio was built just for the occasion and the production crew relied heavily on 3D broadcast graphics throughout the day and during the whole show.

Case Study: Nova TV virtual studio with immersive graphics

Technology by Stype and Vizrt

Croatian commercial broadcaster Nova TV utilized the Stype kit camera tracking system in their coverage of national presidential election 2015.

Virtual graphics were placed within the green studio and election data was fed to the graphics in real-time.

Case Study: Tianjin TV virtual graphics

Technology by Stype and Orad

Tianjin TV, a renowned Chinese TV station, ceased its search for an ideal camera tracking system for VR and AR broadcast after finding the Stype kit.

For rendering the 3D broadcast graphics, TianjinTV relies on Orad rendering systems.

2015 MTV Movie Awards

Virtual Graphics by Stype and Orad

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards introduced some new technology for presenting the information to the audience. MTV used Orad for rendering the 3D broadcast graphics on-air in combination with Stype's camera tracking system – the Stype kit.

BBC’s immersive broadcast graphics for Scottish referendum 2014

Powered by Stype Kit and Vizrt

In one of the most elaborate projects to date, BBC production showcased superior skills in blending the real life set with augmented reality. In this high rated show made for Scottish referendum 2014, everything was subordinated to simplify the complex voting data while making it interesting and compelling for the audience.

Historical reenactment in honor of 70th anniversary of D-Day

Augmented reality outside broadcast was made by the Stype kit and Orad with grip from Eurogrip

The 70th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy was a major outside broadcast event with all eyes on the landing beaches and battle sites. Outside broadcast was complemented with colossal 3D broadcast graphics provided by Hasta productions. Using the Stype kit for determining the exact position of the camera in 3D space and Orad's render engine, director was able to visualize the battle in detail and create a compelling story in the middle of an empty sand beach.

StypeGrip brings augmented reality to Heineken Cup

Alston Elliot provided SkySports with beautiful immersive 3D broadcast graphics

Sky Sports used Vizrt graphics and Stype 3D virtual studio technology to create innovative augmented reality graphics to its presentation of the Heineken Cup rugby final. The Stype tracking software allowed the graphics to be locked to the movements of the remote camera head, however it was panned, tilted or zoomed.

Star Sports presents exciting 3D broadcast graphics

Vizrt and Stype powered these enticing 3D broadcast graphics made by Prometheus

When you think of hockey, the last country that comes in mind would probably be India. However, hockey is, as a sport, very important to Indian people. Watch this engaging Star Sports recap with enticing 3D broadcast graphics made by Promotheus and powered by Vizrt's virtual studio and the Stype kit.

30ft camera crane and virtual graphics

Stype Kit, 10m camera crane and live broadcast graphics by Vizrt

This video has been shot at the Dally M Awards ceremony held in Sydney, October 1st, 2013. Camera was mounted on a 30ft (~10m) Stanton Jimmy camera crane while the Stype kit fed the Vizrt engine with positional data of that camera in 3D space which made possible placement of 3D objects into the real life set creating a realistic augmented reality experience for the viewers.

Interview with Andrew Moss, Vizrt graphics manager

Interview with Andrew Moss, Vizrt graphics manager

Andrew Moss, Vizrt graphics manager, explains how an augmented reality set is achieved and shows basic principles behind automatic aiming and focusing of the Stype kit. Andrew also discusses the technology used to create and utilize these advanced graphics for purposes of engaging the Fox sports audience in an innovative way.